Why are we different?


CONNECT prides itself on its team of project managers with unique skill sets and passion to drive project success. We have cultivated a culture of collaboration, and seek to transfer that attitude to our projects, instilling a team focus across all projects. Our collective goal is to deliver projects that add value to and exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders. When allocating resources to projects we take particular care to align the skills and knowledge of each staff member with the requirements of the project. Together with our local and regional partners, we have the resources
available to offer assurance in project delivery.


CONNECT team members have been providing professional services for our clients using skills and processes honed over more than 20 years internationally and 10 years in Malaysia and APAC. Services are tailored to meet our clients’ and their project’s specific needs. The development of our leading project management systems has occurred during this time, enabling us to test and refine our approach and to assure our clients, both new and existing, that we are using best practice methods that can guarantee project success. This success Is reflected in our many repeat engagements by private and public clients across all sectors.


CONNECT team members have established ourselves as a true Tier 1 project management service provider in Malaysia. We have gained a reputation in the industry that has been built on trust and track record, and this is attributed to the fantastic people we have at our disposal Our stability
and reputation has allowed us to attract the best resources, and this in turn has allowed us to respond to the needs of our client.

Our goal is to allow you to realize your strategic objectives by optimising your land, property or infrastructure assets, and service programs.