Move Management

The appeal of moving to a bigger, brighter, more modern office often overshadows all of the work that goes into corporate relocation. Along with finding and building (or renovating) a new space, you’ll have plenty of other things on your plate as well: 

Procuring vendors, developing an appropriate budget and sticking to it, negotiating contracts, transporting and storing sensitive documents, and transferring over facilities services; not to mention considerations for the interior décor and the effect a move has on your employees!

Developing a plan and staying organized from the very beginning will make your move that much easier, and CONNECT has the experience you need to keep calm throughout the process.

Corporate relocation is more than just a transition; it’s an exciting growth opportunity. However, transitions can be a confusing time if your plan lacks execution or, even worse, if you lack a plan altogether. As a business owner, you might not be aware of all the small details that need consideration throughout a move. These little things can add up, costing your company a significant amount of money over time, which is why CONNECT can serve as your moving consultants. When you team up with CONNECT, we manage the entire move while monitoring your bottom line. Before the move, we’ll work with you to organize and develop a plan for relocation, assessing items you already have and compiling a list of equipment or supplies that you’ll need in the new space. We’ll help determine where each item or team member will work best in your new office, and coordinate when items will be moved or purchased, ensuring that you and your employees always have everything you need, regardless of where you are in the relocation process.

“We appreciate the value of your project management service, and of particular note was the attention to detail your team invested in understanding our project vision, and then managing the project and move to achieve it.”