Technical Due Dilligence

We provide diligent independent building surveying and reporting to early identify and potential risks for clients property acquisitions.

▩  CONNECT can assist with the early stages of review and evaluation of commercial and industrial buildings and land to make the project viable.

▩  CONNECT can assist funding institutions in removing any risks identified through consultation with other specialist project consultants.

▩  Upon a commitment to the acquisition being made, CONNECT is able to independently monitor and comment n progress; certify expenditure and compliance with contractural commitments with particular focus on the early identification of potential risk areas.

Our objective is to create a collaborative approach to ensure your involvement in any project will not only be a success, but also a positive business experience. We do this by ensuring we understand your objectives for the project, upfront.

We understand that any disconnection between commercial considerations, lease obligations, design objectives and program imperatives can result in scope changes, sign off delays and budget overuns.

We are familiar with the administration of key commercial terms within agreement for lease documentation. Our focus will be on early identification of key project issues and review of approaches to eliminate or manage the issues identified before they become risks.

We apply senior and experienced staff to these roles consistent with the need to ensure compliant outcomes are achieved, and to ensure the complexities of issues that arise on projects of this nature are addressed appropriately.

We will seek to work closely with all parties to address any issues or concerns they may have in a constructive and active manner.

We are also able to assist with commercial settlements, dispute reolution, expert determination if required.

“The PM’s technical knowledge and detail survey of the buildings was essential in us being successful in the negotiation and acquisition of the facility, while not being able to travel to Malaysia during Covid 19 lockdowns”

Matthias Glasser

JEN OPTICS, Switzerland